You’ll do anything for your leather furniture if you want it to last. Regular cleaning using leather cleaning products is essential. Did you know using a low-quality cleaning product could not only shorten the life of your leather furniture but also harm you?

Here are 5 reasons why you should only use cleaning products that have been tested.

1. The Wrong Cleaning Product Can Ruin Your Leather.

A low-quality leather cleaner will eventually destroy your leather. Leather is a naturally occurring product and therefore tends to have an acidic nature. Most leather care products, however, are alkaline. These leather care products will cause a chemical response when applied to the leather. This eventually leads to the cleaning products destroying the leather they are supposed to revitalize!

If you use a cleaning product of poor quality, your leather furniture will look old, worn, cracked, and dried. Use a cleaning product of high quality that is acidic to match leather furniture’s natural needs. To maintain the leather’s health, clean your furniture once or twice a month.

You can call an expert who is familiar with leather furniture to help you choose the right leather cleaner.

2. Mold And Mildew Can Be Reduced With A Good Cleaning Product.

Some leather cleaners can make mildew or mould worse. A poor-quality leather cleaner can leave residue, which is a breeding ground for fungus. This residue is spread by poor cleaning practices, such as rubbing cleaners into leather.

Mold and mildew can grow on this residue as well as other factors such as damp spots. Use leather products with ingredients that inhibit the growth of mildew and mold to avoid this unwanted growth.

Think again if you believe that vinegar and rubbing alcohol are the best ways to combat mould on leather. While these products may be effective in destroying mildew from your bathroom tiles, they can cause serious damage to leather by stripping its natural oils.

You should also make sure that the leather cleaner you use does not contain any strong chemicals. Bleaches and detergents, like vinegar, can damage and discolor leather furniture.

Cleaning leather the right way is as important as using a high-quality leather cleaner. Rubbing can spread cleaning products or even scratch your leather. Dab a sponge gently over your leather to absorb residue and transfer it into a soft, clean cloth. Instead of using kitchen sponges or abrasive wipes, look for leather-friendly cleaning products to use with your high-quality products.

Ask a leather furniture expert or cleaning specialist if you have questions or concerns regarding your leather cleaning product.

3. Reduce The Risk Of Toxic Chemicals In Your Living Space.

Some leather furniture owners don’t know that their cleaning products can be a ticking bombs. Cleaning products can contain dangerous chemicals that are hazardous to use without gloves and masks.

Some leather cleaning products can be considered hazardous to the environment and are disposed of using waste containers. Some leather cleaning products are banned for air travel. Do you feel comfortable sitting on furniture after using these products to clean leather?

Look at the ingredients in leather cleaners and choose non-toxic products. Look at the ingredients of your leather cleaning products. If you see a series of numbers that are confusing to you, it’s a sign that there is a chemical storm.

4. Help Restore The Colour Of Your Furniture.

Leather can fade with time. The fading of leather can be due to age, exposure to sunlight, or regular use. Some leather cleaning products include dyes that can restore colour to faded leather. It is a great way to keep your leather looking new and fresh all year long.

Make sure you match the color correctly. Try a “patch test” on an area of your furniture that is not readily visible. To ensure that the dye has a full effect, apply it in a small circular pattern and let it sit for a couple of days. You can continue to use the product if you are happy with the color after this period. You’ll have permanently dis-coloured leather furniture if you use a leather cleaner that contains the wrong dye color.

If you’re unsure whether you’re using the right leather cleaner. We can help with the cleaning of your leather furniture, but we can also offer an alternative dyeing method. Don’t panic if you accidentally used the wrong product to clean your leather furniture. We can help restore your furniture to its original condition.

5. Avoid Potential Fire Hazards.

Some leather cleaning products can be fire hazards. They contain known fire starters such as silicone, waxes, and petroleum distillates. You can imagine the dangers of using petroleum distillates on leather furniture, especially if it is near a source of heat like a pot belly or fireplace.

Use leather cleaning products without flammable substances. Ask your professional leather cleaning service for more information about the quality cleaning products available.

Use only environmentally friendly products to ensure that your leather furniture maintains its beautiful gloss and color.

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