When we hire someone to do work in our home, we want it done with the highest quality and at an affordable price. It can be difficult to select a tradesman if you do not know what to look for. Here are 5 things you should consider when choosing an electrician.

Insurance and License

The license is the most important factor to consider when choosing an electrician. If an electrician is licensed, you can be confident that they have completed all the necessary courses and gained the practical experience needed to perform the work correctly and safely. Verify the validity of the license by asking to see it. If you wish, you can check the license online. Verify the license is valid for the type of work that you need. Certain electrical licenses have restrictions. It is also important to check that the electrician carries all necessary insurances. Ask to see the copies, and make sure they aren’t expired.

Value for Money

At least three quotes are required. More is better. Communicate the type of work you require and the materials and fittings that you desire. If the electrician gives you a detailed breakdown, it will be easier to compare prices. You should not choose an electrician based solely on price. You should also consider other factors.

Experience and Qualifications

Electricians come in many types. Others may have accreditations, others may have extra qualifications. The Master Electrician certification is a way to verify that an electrician has a minimum of 3 years’ experience and must offer a 12-month guarantee on their work. A Master Electrician guarantees the highest level of electrical safety and workmanship. The cost of electricity is increasing, and energy efficiency will become a hot topic. Many organizations offer accreditations for energy efficiency. To be eligible for this type of certification, an electrician must have a thorough understanding of energy-saving technologies and products.


A recommendation from someone you trust can be invaluable when choosing a service or tradesman. You should know that someone had a good experience with an electrician and was happy with their service and workmanship. If you cannot get a referral, ask the electrician for references. Ask the referee to confirm their legitimacy by calling them.


Nobody likes to deal with a tradesman who is rude or does sloppy work. Ask if they called to tell you they were late. They communicate with each other. To avoid miscommunications, it is essential that both of you feel confident about your understanding. Professionalism and an attitude of professionalism are often indicators of quality work.

Checklist for choosing an electrician

  • Verify your insurance and license.
  • Are their prices competitive?
  • Has the person you’re considering any experience in your area of work?
  • Are they able to provide references?
  • Do they present themselves professionally?

These tips will help you find the right electrician for your project. Online you can find a listing of local electricians and For more info – https://www.wisdomelectrical.co.nz/electricians-north-shore/.


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