A private pool and spa are the ultimate in comfort. You don’t need to go to a five-star resort to enjoy this luxury. Once you have installed your spa on your property, you can use it at any time, day or evening. The best designs are luxurious, therapeutic, and constructed with high quality.

Design Inspiration

Many spa lovers prefer pools with an attached raised spa. This construction is visually appealing, as the spa is elevated. Some raised spas have waterfalls that pour out of the upper area or a dry ledge where you can catch some sun on hot days.

Raised spas can add a new dimension to rectangle shapes. They are raised 6-8 inches above the ground, and they can be customized. Spa lovers may choose to focus on the outdoor space with strategically placed lights and additional features. Colorful decorative tiles and stones can be used to add color. You can add items from your last vacation to create a rustic theme or tropical one. Consider the following refinements:

  • Special lighting
  • Installed bars and beverage areas
  • Massage tables nearby
  • Exotic flowers and plants

Imagine your home spa as an oasis with two different water worlds. You can enjoy a day of exercise in a lap pool and then relax in an amazing soaking tub in the evening.

Integrating your spa into your backyard pool

You can build your new spa into the corner or end of your pool. No matter where it is placed, it would be best to build a wall to separate the hot spa from the cold pool to keep the water temperatures the same in both.

Infinity pools or vanishing edge swimming pools are the exception. Most builders will separate the spa from the pool if your dream backyard features an infinity swimming pool.

Size and Shape

The only limit to the size and shape you can choose for your spa at home is your imagination. A rectangle-shaped swimming pool and an oval-shaped spa can make a nice contrast. You can install a pool in the shape of a guitar, just like country singer John Rich. Most people will avoid this kind of pretension. However, some like to be creative and design pools in the form of seashells or starfish.

However, there are some basic rules. However, most pool designers will agree that the spa and the pool should both be made from the same materials and in complementary or similar colors.

Add A Decorative Sconce

Fountains, statues, or sconces can add a touch of elegance to your pool. HGTV offers several great ideas for fountains, which are very popular water features. Adding a feature to your backyard can be made more interesting by using materials such as copper, brass, or colored stones.

Relaxation For Well-Being And Mental Health

Spas and pools can be a great addition to your home if you are suffering from depression or anxiety. Warm spas can help reduce stress and depression.

Many people are experiencing extreme stress. Psychologists’ offices are crowded with patients who have post-traumatic disorder. Some even need to file a lawsuit for PTSD due to an abusive former spouse or employer. A home spa is a great way to escape the stress of everyday life.

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