White & Wood is such a Mood!

White & Wood is such a Mood!

Here’s a simple question: What makes a house a home? Turns out it’s not such a simple question, and perhaps there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. We need to feel free and safe in our homes and be able to escape the busyness of our lives. Our home should provide a calming environment, one where we can breathe freely and truly recharge. Either way, for most of us, there’s no place like home. Perhaps it really is a simple question and the answer is – Home is where the heart is!

When it comes to interior design, combining a clean white with the light and airy feel of natural timber tones can deliver an absolutely stunning result in your home. This combination takes interior design back to its roots, with the white and wood trend reflecting a feeling of pureness entwined with our love of nature.

We have three favourite combinations of white and wood design, all of them stunning, so let’s take a closer look at how the white and wood trend can transform your home into a comforting and welcome oasis.


 Rustic is an interior styling design that can be described as natural, casual, aged, and rough. There are many styles that can be rustic, with each one different from the other. Some rustic styles include cottage, coastal, and Tuscan; however, the defining characteristic of a rustic home is the use of natural materials, which means lots of stone and wood, and fabrics like canvas and burlap.

To spark visual interest and create a look of cosiness, add layers of texture within the colour palette. Rustic accessories like a wool throw, cowhide rug, knitted and sheepskin cushions are just some ideas of rustic accessories that will add a sense of warmth and depth to your space.


Scandinavian interior design is characterized by the way it merges rustic and traditional styles with simplicity, functionality, and modern minimalism. This style of interior design embodies the concept of ‘a clear space equals a clear mind’, in an elegant and beautiful manner.

A key element of Scandinavian design is pale timbers inspired by nature. Light woods like pine, teak, beech, and ash are used to create a sense of organic texture and warmth. Natural materials like hemp and leather are also widely used in Scandinavian design.

Soft greys and crisp whites create a foundation for a simple, bright, and soothing aesthetic. Another key element of Scandinavian design is clean lines; for a modern and sophisticated look think of furniture pieces with clean lines to create a sense of balance.

Use your timber furniture items in any room of your home as either accent pieces or statement pieces. Natural timber tones will complement your neutral Scandinavian colour palette. And don’t forget Scandinavian lighting options; your home will look brighter and lighter with exposed bulbs and timber accents, and bold pendant lights. 


Boho Coastal is the perfect look for someone who wants to transform their home into a seaside-inspired escape. This is a lovely interior design trend that features a neutral, soft colour palette, with a touch of pastel if you like, and heaps of texture. Popular textures for Bo-Ho Coastal are leather, linen, jute, and rattan; all of which will promote a sense of earthiness to your cool white palette.

What we specifically love about Bo-Ho Coastal is the way the outside is introduced to the indoors. A few amazing pieces of timber crafted furniture can set the scene; consider whitewashed and vintage woods for your beachy, Bo-Ho home. The unique characteristics and grains of wooden furniture will bring charm and nature into your home.

Don’t forget to incorporate shapes and patterns into your styling. For a subtle effect you might choose accessories like rugs and cushions with tassels or other intricate detailing, or for a bold statement you might look for items with unusual, eye-catching shapes.


Do ‘White and Wood’ Your Way! 

We really love the wood and white trend, and keep in mind that this interior design style can always be adapted to match your own personality. So whichever way you go with your wood and white interior design, we know that your space not only look bigger and brighter, it will look absolutely amazing!

‘Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home’.