Earthen material home decor items help to bring a lot of nature to our homes. Earthenware like conch, ceramics, blue pottery, terracotta, etc., all help bring nature to our homes. It gives a very lively touch to our home decor. Earthenware decor items of all shapes and sizes with different colors help to make your home look very classy and colorful.

The different shapes and colors of flower vases also help to give our homes a very classy look. Roadside divas can also be used for decorating our homes as they provide a very authentic approach. These also sell vases of very interesting shapes and sizes, which look very attractive. In this case, we need to choose the correct shape and size as per our home decor. We can buy vases in different colors and shapes and add some fresh flowers or even some dried long flowers and put them either at the entrance gates of our homes or even in our dining rooms next to our dining tables.

Various candle stands and candelabras made out of mud and carved as antique pieces are also a delight for one to watch. These candles add a class to our homes. In case we do not want to opt for complete earthen candelabras, then we can have the candelabras and the candle stands in metal and then just a touch of earthen finish to have that authentic feel and look.

Different types of wall hangings made of Lac co,nch, or even earthenware add a lot of color and class to our home. Today, we have a lot of conches available, which not only give a classy look to our house but also help to separate the dining room from the drawing room in a stylish manner. Various wall hangings from Rajasthan made from mud also give a very ethnic look to our home decor.

Photo frames also play an important role in enhancing the decor. Frames made from earthenware and painted in vibrant colors also help to add beauty to our home decor.

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