If you are currently living within one of two million homes in the UK that are not connected to gas Installing an electric combi boiler may be the perfect solution you require. They are both eco-friendly and compact electric combi boilers can be perfect for homes that have limited storage and help reduce costs for energy due to of the reduced need for hot water.

This article will cover:

What is the cost to set up a new electric combi boiler?
How much does an electric boiler costs to operate?
What is the cost associated with the installation of an electric combi boiler?
How can you save money on electric combi boilers
What is involved in the installation and fitting of an electric combi boiler?
How to locate and employ an expert to set up an electric combi boiler
For smaller households with a lower need for hot water Electric central heating unit is a good option. So, if you’re in the market for a new boiler, read on to determine which ones are the best choice for your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a New Electric Combi Boiler?
Technology advancements have meant that the electric heating systems are as efficient as oil and gas boilers, they’re generally more costly to operate. But, homeowners who can qualify for Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariffs, and have either a storage boiler dry core storage unit or solar panels, could reduce their costs for energy through better control of their energy usage.

The new best electric combi boiler running costs ranging between PS900 to PS4,500, based on the capacity and whether you are equipped with a combustion cylinder that is part of the system.

For a boiler with no built-in cylinder that has 12 kW of power the estimated cost of supply are between PS900 and PS1,500. In addition to labour costs that range from PS500 up to PS2,000. Your total cost would be between PS1,400 and PS3,500 for the purchase and installation.

The addition of the built-in cylinder inside your electric combi boiler is likely to raise your costs and cost of supply ranging from PS1,500 and PS2,500 for the identical power output. Similar labour costs are in place, which means the total cost estimated to be between PS2,000 and PS4,500.

Wall-mounted boilers with a power range of 3 to 15kW are able to command the cost of supply from PS1,700 to PS2,000. When the labour costs are included adds up to the range of PS2,200 to PS4,000.

Additionally, a standing boiler that has a long warranty for a system that ranges from 10 to 18 kW in power can cost between PS2,200 and PS4,500. If labor charges are included, it can be a total that ranges from PS2,700 to PS6,500.

Are you looking to get an electrical combi boiler put in place?

How Much Does an Electric Boiler Cost to Run?
Although the running costs of electric-powered combi boilers can be more expensive than natural gas boilers, they have many long-term advantages that can be realized, including lower maintenance costs and greater efficiency, which can offset the more expensive bills. Let’s examine the costs of running for different power ratings.

It is important to note that these costs are calculated on the basis of 2022 forecasts from the Energy Savings Trust. The actual prices and running costs could depend on changes in the prices for energy starting in April 2022.

A 4-kWh electric boiler that has 13600 BTU of power consumption and two radiators within the house will cost approximately PS1,905 for operate for the year.

Electric boilers of 6kWh that have 20500 BTU of power consumption and five radiators inside the house will be priced around PS2,095 for the year.

The power can be increased to a 9kWh electric boiler that has 30,700 BTU of power consumption, as well as seven radiators annual expenses will increase to PS2,286.

If you have an electric boiler that is 11kWh that consumes 38,000 BTU of power You can anticipate an annual cost of around PS2,540, based upon nine radiators.

Electric boilers 12kWh with 41,000 BTU power consumption would amount to PS2,667 a year with 10 radiators within the house.

Then, a 14kWh electrical boiler that has 48,000 BTU of power consumption and 12 radiators will result in an annual cost of around PS3,175 to operate.

What Affects the Cost of Installing an Electric Combi Boiler?
Many factors could affect the price of installing an electric co-op boiler. We’ll discuss the most frequent aspects below to give you an idea of what you need to consider prior to purchasing any items.

The Cost of Electricity
Prices for electricity by kWh are across England, Wales, and Scotland:

Tarif for Economy 7 off-peak hours 20p/kWh
Tarif for peak Economy 7: 40.9p/kWh
Standard rate 34p/kWh
Electricity costs for kWh Northern Ireland:

Tarif for Economy 7 off-peak: 16.4p/kWh
Tarif on peak Economy 7: 31.4p/kWh
The standard rate is 30.9p/kWh

The Type of Boiler You Choose
Before deciding to purchase an electric heater, it is important to think about the various types because some are more suitable for specific kinds of properties budgets, requirements, and preferences:

Direct Electric Boilers
They provide hot water on demand, rather than storing it which means there’s a small delay when trying to get hot water. However, they’re more affordable and less costly to set up than other kinds of boilers, and do not require large amounts of space.

Storage Heaters
Storage heaters provide the most efficient and economical solution. They provide hot water upon demand, and giving you the opportunity to take advantage of Economy 7 tariff by heating water at night to be used the following day. They’re more expensive than direct boilers however, they take up more space.

Electric Combined Primary Storage Units (CPSU)
They store plenty of hot water to satisfy the high demands of household life. They’re bulky and occupy lots of space, making them best suited for larger houses with more than two bathrooms, or commercial properties.

Dry-Core Storage
The boilers heat bricks over the course of the night and then release the heat into the water that lets you warm water at lower prices for economy 7 tariff. Although they’re cost-effective, there’s the possibility that you will be short of hot water. Therefore, it’s best suited for smaller dwellings that do not have a need for hot water.

Solar-Compatible Boilers
Electric heaters work for solar-powered homes that are equipped with one or more immersion heaters. The solar panels generate warmth during the day, and you do not need to make use of an electric heating system, thereby permitting you to make use of the lower rates during nighttime.

Your Boiler Model
Like all appliances that are manufactured, the model or maker will affect the cost you pay for – in certain instances, you can pay for the same product however, it’s under a different name. This is a summary of how prices differ from various suppliers:

If You’re Converting From a Different Boiler Type
It’s usually simpler to replace similar boilers which is why for houses that require an upgrade from one kind of boiler to another type, the cost will be more expensive than a simple conversion. This is also true when installing a new boiler in a house that has never had one instead of replacing an older system the cost of labor will be more expensive for the former, which makes the whole project more expensive than replacing the old one.

If You Need to Move Your Boiler
When it comes to moving any type of wire or pipework it is possible to incur charges for those who want to change the heating position within their home. The amount of the job, labor costs can vary between a couple of hundred dollars into the thousands for more intricate tasks.

Whether You Choose a Local or National Installer
While the appeal of a national company could entice you by showcasing flashy advertisements and showrooms, you’ll typically be paying higher for their services because you’ll be helping cover the costs of these overheads. Most of the time, it’s recommended to stick to your local area and locate a reputable local tradesperson and that they are available earlier than national businesses.

How Can I Save Money on an Electric Combi Boiler?
Comparing quotes is a fantastic method to reduce the price of an electrical combi boiler replacement.

Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce the cost of electric combi boilers.

The most efficient way to save money is to think about the size you require relative to your house as well as the number of persons living there, the amount of radiators, as well as your need for hot water.

It is important to take into consideration the whole picture here since you could have a huge house however, you’ll only have a small number of residents who have very little hot water usage so you won’t require the biggest size boiler to meet your requirements.

Employing a local contractor to install and fit the electric combi boiler a effective way to cut costs since you won’t have to pay into the huge overheads of national firms.

When you can, it is best to keep the boiler’s location identical to the one you had when you replaced the model. This will cut down on your labour costs since there’s no need to change the plumbing in different rooms of the house.

Is an Electric Combi Boiler the Best Choice for My Home?
Apart from being more energy efficient electric combination heaters offer numerous advantages over other types that use central heaters, however, they have a couple of disadvantages, too.

Electric boilers do not emit any CO2 emissions. This means they are less polluting than conventional gas-powered boilers. In addition, they’re cheaper to set up, and don’t require maintenance inspections similar to oil or gas boilers usually do.

They also work with solar energy, with the world’s gas and oil resources set to exhaust within over 40 years. currently the oil supply is expected to be exhausted by 2052, while gas will be gone by 2060. This is a great way to ensure the future. Because electric boilers do not have as many mechanical parts than other types heaters, they will not require repair as often.

In the end that electricity is more expensive than gas, which makes it a more costly heating alternative. Electric boilers are able to heat water upon demand, so there could be a little time between the faucet and getting warm water.

What’s Involved in Installing an Electric Combi Boiler?

Electric boilers do not have for installation by an Gas Safe or OFTEC engineer however an electrician is required to wire the final. If your house has an old oil or gas boiler that is being replaced with an electric boiler then a Gas Safe or OFTEC engineer is required to take out the old boiler.

Once the old boiler is removed after which the engineer will take measurements of the space where boiler fixings must be. After these are installed and secure, the boiler can be moved into position and fixed. The boiler cover is then removed.

The earth cable is relocated to the side then the power supply will be connected. It is essential that this process is done in a professional manner and with care to avoid any safety concerns.

The isolator switch will be put in place. If your system is designed for heating or hot and heating will affect the next steps for the engineer.

Magnetic filters and valves are to be fitted and the loop for filling. After this is completed the engineer will complete the process by filling it with water at the right pressure.

The radiators are then flushed and, once the process is complete then the boiler is switched on. The thermostat is turned up to ensure proper circulation of heat and water throughout the house, and is then checked by a specialist.

After this, your technician will then flush your system, fill it again, leaving the boiler ready to use.

How Do I Find and Hire an Installer?
One of the most effective methods to locate and employ an electrician of your boiler electric is to seek out trade recommendations from your family, friends and even your neighbors.

If someone you know in your neighborhood who been through similar work in the past Finding out whether they would recommend their professional is the best method to cut down on time to find an ideal match, as well as being aware of who to avoid in the event that their work wasn’t to the standard.

Ensuring the Professional Is the Right Fit
You want the tradesperson you choose to work with to be a perfect person for your work – that’s why you should conduct some basic checks prior to deciding to collaborate with them.

When you are looking for a trader for a trader, make sure they’ve earned the right credentials and have experience in similar projects. Be particularly careful when you are evaluating friends and relatives recommendations. Looking up prior references, along with any photos or videos of their previous work, could help provide you with an idea of what’s to come from this particular company, too.

It’s important to ensure that they are covered by the appropriate insurance that covers them as well as you in case anything goes wrong during installation. Also, you must always verify the manufacturer’s warranty and ensure that it is valid after fitting.

Final Checklist
switching your boiler that runs on fossil fuels to the electric version is an excellent method to reduce carbon emissions and also general operating expenses. While your monthly bill could be higher, the benefits to the environment through schemes like Economy 7 or 10 tariffs will make up for these price increases.

Find the ideal output for your house, taking into consideration the number of people living there and hot water requirements in addition to the number of radiators as well as the size of your home.
When you can, maintain the exact location of the boiler replacement the same so that you can reduce the amount of labor costs
Request a written estimate to ensure there aren’t any hidden charges in the future.

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