Galley kitchens are long and narrow, with two walls of cabinets. Galley kitchens can feel cramped and claustrophobic to some, but others find them efficient, accessible, and great storage, especially for those with limited space. Galley kitchens are great for budget-minded people who have a limited amount of space. We’ve collected stunning galley kitchen designs that fit into small spaces, whether you have a galley-style kitchen in dire need of an update or are considering a total kitchen remodel.

Beautiful Kitchen Design is possible even with a small space. Bright whites, reflective surfaces, and natural light can open up small kitchen designs. But remember to add geometric patterns, open shelves, and vibrant colors. This article has shown how statement lighting, bold cabinet colors, and eclectic floor runners can create the illusion that there is more space.

You’ll find many ideas for charming breakfast nooks and other open-plan kitchen layouts, such as merging the dining and kitchen areas with island seating. You can incorporate 2023 design trends in your narrow format using colorful backsplashes, bold paint colors, and overstated hardware. Scroll down to find the right idea for your home. There are many options, from modern to farmhouse.

Concentrate on the Lower Cabinets

While dark lower cabinets can help define a space, light upper cabinets make it feel bigger by reflecting light. Bakes & Kropp opts for black lower wardrobes and statement hardware in this Upper East Side kitchen. They also keep it simple up top.

Hide the Fridge

Interior designer Julia Chasman creates an elegant space using gold hardware, a statement runner, and soothing green cabinets. Built-in cabinets are used to conceal the fridge. This creates a calm and cohesive feeling.

Select a bold cabinet color.

You can pack style in a small space by using vibrant colors and playful patterns, just like Shelby Girard at Havenly.

Keep it Light and Bright.

Solid white cabinets and small kitchen appliances will maximize the space. Incorporate lively details such as a Mediterranean tile backsplash, industrial-style lighting, and gold hardware.

Consider tile flooring

Chic floor tiles like this herringbone pattern can make a galley kitchen aisle feel larger. REFORM combines gray flooring with sleek pink cabinets and minimal lighting fixtures.

Add a Statement Runner

A colorful runner makes narrow aisles feel more prominent and adds texture and warmth to interiors. 

Mix Cabinet Styles

Combining cabinet styles and finishes can create visual intrigue. Reena Sotropa in House Design Group uses bright whites for one side but warm woods and black marble for the other.

Play with Patterns

This cheerful kitchen mixes different colors and patterns, from the statement runner and checkerboard flooring to the elegant two-tone cabinets and the gold stove.

Incorporate a breakfast nook.

The Mendelson Group creates a small breakfast nook at the end of the Greenwich Village kitchen. It has enough seating for two.

Use Lighting to Decorate

You can illuminate your galley kitchen aisles with stunning light fixtures. 

Bold Backsplash is your best option.

You can have a bold backsplash on one or both galley layouts. 

Bright whites can open up spaces.

If in doubt, choose sophisticated white colors — from countertops to cabinetry and molding. A tip: Light wood flooring is an excellent match for an all-white design.

Illuminate Your Prep Station

Two adjustable arm sconces and open shelving brighten this blue kitchen. Tiffany Gowler, the Interior designer, keeps it light using natural woods and a few pops of greenery.

Fit Extra Seating

If space is available, you can extend your countertop to create a small bar area with counter stools. We love the way Union of Art Interiors creates the illusion of more space by adding a large window overlooking the landscape.

Open Shelving

Julia Chasman has replaced upper cabinets, which can make narrow spaces feel smaller. Instead, Julia Chasman uses transparent shelving to store extra storage.

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