Orange is a color that attracts attention. Its intensity can be overwhelming, but when used correctly and in a balanced way, you can bring a sense of calmness and peace into your home. Orange in the right shade can add character and a sense of depth to a space. Orange is a warm color that will add zest and energy to any room. Orange can be used in small or large amounts, depending on what you want to achieve in your home.

Paint it Orange

Orange is a great color to use in your home. You can do this by painting the walls. Orange comes in so many different shades you’ll be spoilt for choice. Orange can be used in different shades to create a traditional or modern look. Before you paint your walls, keep in mind that the color will appear a hundred-fold more intense. You must, therefore, choose carefully and according to your taste. To avoid your home looking like a circus, balance Orange with neutral tones such as green or beige.

Luscious Fabrics

Use bolder orange fabrics if you want to be more daring. Shades of Orange are available from rust through coral. Orange shades like Fuschia and Kelly Green are popular choices. Use an orange dining linen or sofa to create a hip, artsy look. Paint the room white or creamy. Use rust-colored fabrics with grey or green for a more classic look.

Orange In Kitchen

Orange looks stunning in white kitchens. Orange adds a touch of warmth to your kitchen and gives it a dignified, quiet charm. Dark, earthy oranges are great for your Dining Room.

Accessorize in Orange

You can use inexpensive accents such as pottery or a tea rug to play with this bold color subtly. You can also use lamps to bring this color into your house.

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