It can be stressful to buy a house, especially when you select a property that requires work. Developers are building brand new homes in Tolleson, AZ, that will be ready to move into as soon as possible. Understanding the differences can help you choose the best home for you.

Soon-to-Be-Move-In Homes

These homes are ready to move in quickly. The framing of this type of home is finished so that buyers can see what the house looks like. Framing includes the dimensions of rooms, placement of staircases, and electrical and plumbing. The finishes, such as the cabinets, flooring, and countertops, are chosen by the buyer. There are many options available for developers to offer buyers.

Buyers have to wait for the developers to finish the interior finishing before they can move in. The move-in date will not be too far away because the structural components are complete.

Move-In-Ready Homes

Both move-in ready and move-in soon homes have their structural elements completed before the buyer signs the papers. The only difference between the two is that the move-in ready homes already have their finishes. These homes are often neutral in terms of flooring, cabinets, and paint colors. They appeal to buyers looking for a home now. You can choose a move-in ready home if you do not have time to wait for contractors to complete your home according to your specifications.

The Benefits of Moving-In Soon Homes

You could be waiting up to two full years to complete a custom-built home if you are working with a developer. Supply-chain problems can delay new builds. The wait time for move-in-soon can range from a couple of weeks to a few months.

You can choose your finishes so that you feel like your home is unique, even though the structural elements are predetermined. Choose hardwood flooring, upgraded tiles, and quartz countertops to increase the value of your home.

You may have some say on the framing or structural elements of your soon-to-be-moved-in home, depending on when you select it. You may be able to adjust the size of rooms or the location of staircases. You could influence the choice of fireplace stones if you are involved early in the project. You can also choose your blinds and lighting fixtures if you are moving in soon.

The Benefits of a Move-in-Ready Home

Timing is the biggest stressor in buying a house. Due to the limited number of options on the market, buyers move fast and place high bids. Due to narrow choices, sellers are looking for attractive closing dates and higher prices for their homes regardless of quality or move-in status.

You don’t need to worry about unreasonable requests from a seller when you buy a home that is ready for immediate occupancy. Developers tend to charge reasonable prices and include warranties for structural elements and finishes. The move-in-ready home is a buyer-friendly option because the homes have been designed to ease the purchasing process.

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