Home Decor without Italian Marble would be like Ice Cream without Ice. Italian Marble makes the floor shine like the night sky. Italian Marble is available in a variety of styles and types. The varieties are divided by their specialties that suit the decor. Home Decor is a field that has many different trends.

Statuario Marble

Names define the type. These marbles are milky-white colored marbles, which are used to create exclusive statues and sculptures. This is the most expensive type of Italian Marble. These marbles are used more frequently in the offices of multinational companies, as they give a superior impression to viewers.

Always consult a house cleaning service to ensure that Marble is properly cleaned. Certain chemicals can cause damage.

Royal Diana Marble

It is the most common type of Italian Marble. This type of Marble has a pattern with straight veins and a cross. The Marble comes in a variety of colors and is also quite affordable. This type of Marble also has the advantage of being abundant. People can buy it in any amount. Marble is the most common in homes and theaters.

Roman Travertine

Roman Culture is among the oldest cultures in the world. This type of Marble is found in abundance in the Italian zones ruled by Romanian Kings. This Marble is cross-veined and available in light colors that will suit any place. It is a magnificent investment that will last a lifetime.

Roman Travertine

Grey-colored marble is very popular for floorings that are on a budget. These random blocks can be found at a reasonable price all around the world.

Grey Williams Marble

Italian Marble is one of the most beautiful types of Marble in the world.

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