Mirrors make the home more appealing and comfortable. We can enhance the design of our house in many ways. Some of these items are functional, while others make bold fashion and design statements. It’s interesting to note that many of these available items can be turned into bold statements of style by adding new dimensions to your home.

Mirrors are always functional in that they open up a space and make it appear larger. Many people do not realize that mirrors can be beautiful pieces of art. Most of us are missing out on beautiful ways to decorate with mirrors.

A Geometrical Statement

The frame we choose for our mirrors is one of the most important limitations that we place on ourselves. We prefer a rectangle or one that is completely round. We sometimes go the extra mile and add a few flourishes to the corners of the frames. The frame offers many options. Try a hexagon or octagon. Or a geometric shape no one will be able to identify. Sometimes, it pays to make a bold statement.

Floor Mirrors Interior

The floor mirror will add a luxurious feel to any home. If you want a purely functional mirror so people can see themselves before they rush out to work in the morning, then you should choose an oversized mirror. You get what you want and feel great. The frame is the real art. You can select a frame that is ornamental with all the flourishes of your imagination. This would give the mirror a character beyond its basic purpose.

Mirrors for the Gallery Interior

Gallery walls are not just for photos. You don’t have to stick with the traditional. Can help you create a wall art gallery by purchasing a well-designed mirror. A mirror is a great addition to any gallery wall. Place a large, framed mirror in the middle of a collection of photos to make it the focal point of the display. You can create a uniform display by matching the frames of your pictures to the frames of your mirrors. To make the display more interesting, use different shapes. But don’t lose sight of consistency.

Hallways Mirrors

Mirrors can be used to enhance the look of hallways. You can fill the entire entrance of your home with mirrors arranged like conventional pictures. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by your guests. They also serve to make a small hall appear bigger without being too heavy.

Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are often used in bathrooms. However, adding an art frame to them would make it more suitable for your bathroom interior. The mirrors can be placed over the vanity or sink wall. Have you ever thought about what effect it would have if they were placed in an unconventional location? A mirror behind the tub could make a statement. Even more dramatic would be if there were a chandelier above the bathtub, and it was freestanding. A mirror can create a stunning effect.

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