Preparing For The Arrival Of Professional Painters

Preparing your home for the arrival of interior painters is a crucial step that can significantly streamline the painting process. By taking the time to get your space ready, you not only save valuable time but also ensure that the commercial house painters in Manukau can focus on their work efficiently. This preparation may involve clearing the areas to be painted, covering furniture and floors, and addressing any pre-painting repairs. With these considerations in mind, you contribute to creating an optimal working environment for the painters, allowing them to deliver the best results for your commercial property in Manukau.

Cover and move furniture

It is important to prepare your home before you begin painting the interior. Some painters may move furniture themselves but that takes time away from the painting. In addition, they are not responsible for damages.

It is best to remove all furniture before the painters arrive to give them plenty of room to work. You can cover any items that you cannot move due to their weight or size with drop cloths or plastic sheets to stop paint from falling on them.

Remove electronic and appliances

Next, you should clear out all electronics and appliances. Paint could at the very least drip onto them and ruin their appearance. Paint could damage their delicate parts if it gets into them.

Consider removing any electronic or appliance fixtures from the wall, such as a television, stereo, or ceiling fan. You can also cover these items.

Remove wall hangings

Remove any wall hangings, such as artwork, tapestries or photographs, before the painters arrive. They will have to take them down anyway to paint the wall underneath. It’s not guaranteed that the painters are going to handle them carefully, despite all their efforts.

Clear your clutter

It is best to clean your house before you start painting the interior. This will make it easier for the painter. It will also make the job safer. You could cause a major spillage or injury if you leave things lying around.

Group items together if you don’t have enough space to remove them all. Move them away from where the painters will be working.

Protect soft furnishings

Remove soft furnishings like curtains and shades. It is important to remove all window coverings, such as shades and blinds, so that the painter can access the walls. Many people forget this step because blinds and shades are often absorbed into the walls, even though they can be removed.

Vacate this area

You should also keep your children and pets away from the painter. You should not let anyone who isn’t a painter in the room being painted. You will cause a distraction, and they could even cause an accident. If you can’t leave your pet outside, make sure they have a safe place in the bathroom or another area of low traffic in your house.


A fresh coat of paint can be all that a house needs. But, like anything worth doing, a little work is required. You can make sure that your painters do their job and leave your house looking beautiful by preparing well. Once you’ve learned how to prepare, you can call to schedule an appointment.


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