Modular homes, or relocatable houses in NZ, are a housing option that can be attractive and reduce construction costs by up to 30%. Modular homes or transportable houses are much less expensive. They save you money because of the following reasons:

Assembly-line Production is Done Quickly and Effectively

A movable house is also mass-produced, just like a car. Cars are cheaper because of how they are manufactured. Mass-produced Holden Commodores, for example, can cost as much as $40,000 per vehicle. A Rolls Royce is hand-built and costs more than $250,000.

Housing is comparable. More efficient production processes result in cheaper and faster product deliveries.


Machines can quickly cut and assemble many parts on an assembly line. Robotics can replace human labor, which is expensive, slow, and prone to errors. Some relocatable homes are manufactured with fewer people.

Lower waste

The majority of building materials used for mobile homes are pre-designed or pre-fabricated. The overall cost can be reduced by reducing waste and improving material usage during production.

Lower time

In a matter of minutes, modular or portable dwellings can be constructed instead of taking weeks or even months. The need for building material inventories and tradespeople to work on a variety of projects is reduced as they are completed more often. Some manufacturers use “just-in-time delivery systems” and procedures to keep merchandise on site for a minimum amount of time. It is known as “lean production”.

Bulk Orders and Volume Discounts

The building materials that are used to build movable houses can be purchased at wholesale prices directly from the suppliers and manufacturers, as opposed to local builders who purchase materials for a single home.

Higher Quality, Fewer Issues

The construction of modular or portable homes is regulated, and professionals scrutinize professional building systems that are constantly being improved because so many designs are produced. This knowledge is not available to traditional home buyers because each home is different and has its problems and delays. Transportable homes, on the other hand, are less likely than conventional home buyers to encounter problems, particularly when it comes to standardized floor plans and designs. Again, the lower costs of production translate to lower prices for you.

The house is the best investment that you can ever make. Take advantage of a modular or transportable home that allows you to get a large living space for less money than you would need to spend on a traditional home.

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