Here are some quirky and unusual home decorating ideas that will give your home its personality.

Inspiration can strike at odd times.

Here are some unusual and quirky ideas:

Hand-paint the walls to give them a textural texture.

Use a section of the concrete pipe to make a Flowerpot. It can be placed on the window sill. This strange flower pot adds an interesting element. Bonsai plants can be placed in a corner or at the entrance. It gives your home a green and fresh look.

Sea Shells

Make a candle holder using shells that you find on the beach. Use beach shells as wall decor to create a beachy effect. You can also fill the shells with wax and then add a wick. This will make an incredible range of candles. Get a scented candle.

A large chandelier can be placed on the top of your table. It will add a touch of elegance.

Display a collection of old glass bottles in the window sills. When light falls from the outside, you will see beauty from the inside.

Instead of using a traditional towel holder, make a wood ladder. Place it next to the wall of your bathroom.

Put mirrors in different shapes and sizes on opposite walls. This will also make the room appear larger.

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