You’ve been contemplating a home makeover for months. You believe that a change in scenery will help to lighten the mood of your home and create spaces you didn’t know existed. Making some changes to your home is a great way to express your creativity. You have found it difficult to incorporate Western decor into your home. You are unsure of how to use these items to create a Western theme for your home. You end up stuck at home instead of doing a makeover. Here are some tips that will help you integrate Western decor and carpets into your home.

Work the Palette

Browns are the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Western culture. Colors are a great way to create a Western feel in your home. Nature has many different colors, including cactus greens, sunset reds, blues, and greens. These are great choices for your home. These colors can be used on furniture and walls. Western decors, including Western rugs and Western decors, should have colors that match your theme. This simple change will set a Western theme throughout your entire home.

Think small

When people hear “home makeover,” they automatically think they need to have a large area or expensive items in order to follow a theme. This is a myth. Small changes can give your home a Western theme. Start by replacing your old cloth rugs with Western-style rugs or brightly printed decor that is Western-themed. You can hang photos and artifacts of the Old West on your walls. This is more than enough for your home to take a Western turn.

Think Naturally

It’s not necessary to move to another country or state to fully embrace the Western theme in your home. You can use nature to decorate your home in the same way that Western cultures did. Use animal bones, such as antlers, as wall decorations. Use materials found in nature in your locality to decorate your home. You can add these pieces in different areas of your house if you think outside the box.

Use Native Inspiration

Watch documentaries or movies with a Western theme if you have time. These sources can provide you with many ideas. Start by buying rugs and quilts that are inspired by Navajo pottery and kachinas. You can also purchase transformation masks and Zuni fetishes. Consider doing these projects yourself if your budget does not allow for it. These are not only cheaper, but you can also add your personal touch to them.

Hang Some Art

Many artists are linked to the American West. You can find artworks that are similar to the originals if you have time. Prints and posters are available at affordable prices in many galleries and online sources. These artworks are the best way to translate Western culture!

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