Although people have lived with decor made of synthetic materials for an incredibly long time, the beauty of wood is unmatched. Even the most dense wood can be turned into furniture that is a work of art and durable enough to pass from generation to generation. Wood can be used anywhere in the home, but here are four places where it really stands out:

The Library

Many people associate a library with wood d├ęcor. The desk and chair frames, as well as the shelves, are all made from wood. Wood paneling from other rooms can be used to cover the walls. The floor can be tiled or covered with rich hardwood planks protected by an area rug.

The Dining Room

The wood decor is also a great option for a formal dining room. Dining tables and chairs in Queen Anne, Chippendale, or Hepplewhite styles can be made of wood. Buffets and china cabinets are also available in the same style. The dining room, like the library, can feature hardwood flooring that is both attractive and easy to maintain.

The Kitchen

Many people think that the kitchen environment is too humid and hot for wood. Many people fear that wood will warp and swell when exposed to such a moist environment. It’s not necessary if you treat the wood and don’t submerge it in water. Experts recommend, for example, that spills on a wood kitchen floor be wiped up immediately and only dampened and mopped. For the kitchen, wood shutters can be adjusted or fixed to allow the right amount of light.

The Bedroom

Homer claimed in the Odyssey that Odysseus’s and Penelope’s bedstead was a living tree. The majority of people don’t think that wood furniture for bedrooms can be as extravagant. However, some of the most luxurious pieces are made specifically for the bedroom. Think about the swirls and scallops that decorate the bed frame in Belter style or the four-poster beds with turned posts topped with finials. In the bedroom, you can also find exotic woods like rosewood, which comes in a range of colors from dark browns to violets and reddish browns.

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