Let’s start by defining the ‘Boho’ interior design style. The word ‘Boho’ is short for Bohemian, and a lack of structure characterizes Bohemian style. Boho interior designers choose carefree layers of color, texture, and pattern. The key to Bohemian aesthetics is that it’s relaxed and personal to you. In short, Boho styles are styled for your enjoyment.

What is Boho Interior Design?

When you come across Bohemian design, you know it! It’s a unique mix of bright, patterned, multicultural elements and layers you can’t miss. Perhaps the word ‘Bohemian’ says it all; it refers to someone typically involved in the arts and socially unconventional.

‘Bohemian’ originally referred to travelers from the central-eastern European areas of ancient Bohemia, and this unusual style traditionally described nomadic, richly artistic, and unconventional people. This idea of the traveling gypsy meant that the elements of various cultures and styles were combined to create a unique and eclectic style.

Bohemian style regained popularity in the 1960s and 70s, bringing with it many of the main elements of that era which are still consistent with today’s Boho-chic style.

The bohemian interior design incorporates a melting pot of color, pattern, and texture, blending elements and influences from various eras and cultures.

What are the design rules of Boho? There are no rules! If you’ve collected mementos throughout your life, display them. And the beauty of this trend is that they don’t have to match anything else; in fact, it’s better if they don’t. The idea is to fill your space with a collection of mirrors, art, books, patterns, fabrics, travel memoirs, and vintage pieces, resulting in chic chaos.

Note: Your home should not end up looking like the home of a hoarder: everything should have its place and purpose. What we’re saying is that you don’t need to be rigid when it comes to placement.

Random and busy surfaces are standard, and wooden furnishings are a must-have. However, with all its design anarchy and free-forming, there are some common themes in today’s Boho-chic style that you can follow to create an eclectic Bohemian-inspired home.

No. 1: Moroccan Boho

Consider low tables, colorful lanterns, and floor cushions to create a summer feel in your outdoor space. We suggest investing in lanterns, plush furnishings, ottomans, and netting. A bold-colored feature wall would look fantastic; try integrating solid patterns and rich colors to induce a typical scene of a busy Moroccan bazaar. More-is-more when it comes to Boho Interiors. Complement with multi-toned ikat-inspired prints (‘ikat’ is an Indonesian dyeing technique) in a melting pot of textures, colors, and patterns.

No. 2: European Bohemia 

For European Bohemia, think of a gypsy wagon with tassels, crochet curtains, and beaded embellishments. You can be unruly and chaotic with European Bohemia design but with elegance and flair. Your rooms should be decorated with jewelry, lace, driftwood, trinkets, anything you’ve collected during your travels, and anything from nature that takes your fancy. This style aims to reflect your spontaneity; not everything will be planned, and not everything will have its place. Throw it all together, then apply thoughtful edits to make it look effortless. Select a statement piece, like a hanging chair or a peacock. Add a beaded or crocheted curtain to add a chic twist to the entrance of an understated room.

No. 3: Western Boho

When we think of Western Boho, we automatically think of vintage leathers, butterfly chairs, tassels, high canopies, and low-floor beds. Consider rustic timbers and woody furniture. Offset this with hemp pillows and durable materials constructed from tie-dyed blankets – your space will be transformed into a 60s haven! Add some cacti and succulents to cap it all off, and don’t forget the tribal rugs. Create a pillowed-in fortress to replace the sofa and adorn this with Navajo rugs and bright patterns. You’ve now created a magical Wild West Boho interior.

No. 4: Modern Boho-Chic

For this particular Boho style, you need white-on-white. Consider this:

  • White-painted timber floorboards
  • Plush furry throws at the end of your vintage couch
  • A canopy of fairy lights above the bed

Rich textiles and bold hues complement the earthy plants and green walls to create a casual, laid-back ambiance. Modern Boho-Chic means lots of plants and prints, and for calm, indie wall art, don’t forget to add your personal story, like your old collection of guitars. You can always add a 70s-inspired twist by adding ornate rugs and pillows to complement your all-white palette.

More Bohemian Design Ideas

  • Every Bohemian-style room should start with a simple base color in warm and earthy tones. A bright base tone could be too rich and chaotic, so we suggest a neutral color palette.
  • Plants are an easy and affordable way of creating a relaxed vibe while adding dimension to a space. Plants not only complement most spaces; they purify the air while adding a pop of color.
  • Hanging plants are a great addition to the Bohemian style. They’re a beautiful and fun way of adding depth and interest to any room.
  • One of the most cost-effective ways of creating a Bohemian style is to layer similar patterns. These might be contrasting patterned rugs and colorful throws and cushions. While maintaining a consistent color theme, have some fun mixing and contrasting patterns, scales, shapes, and styles to create a lush Bohemian vibe.
  • Another easy way to create an authentic Bohemian-style home is to add low-lying furniture – the closer to the floor, the better. Consider low-backed sofas with added poufs for extra seating, all covered in comfortable, plush throw cushions. Add a cozy rug to finish the look, and top it with different size cushions.
  • Any furniture and materials you add to your home should look as if they’ve been well used before coming into your home. Bohemian style is about pre-loved pieces that appear to have been sourced from an exotic market in some far-off location.
  • Bohemian style is not about minimalism! It’s about hedonistic maximalism, but while your living room should be full of curated finds, we suggest a more pared-down version for your bedroom.
  • Make sure everything you love and collect throughout your lifetime is prominently displayed – layer all your trinkets and treasures to tell your story.
  • Bohemian décor conjures up bold hues and bright colors, from purples, pinks, greens, and oranges – when it comes to luxurious Bohemian design, the more aggressive, the better.
  • Mirrored and metallic surfaces are hallmarks of Bohemian design. They create focal points in your room and add a sense of glamour.
  • Layering is the perfect way of concealing furnishings that may not be in tip-top condition. Cover these furnishings with a range of textiles for a stylish yet textured take on Bohemian-style decor.
  • If you’re not well-traveled, visit your local antique shop and search for exciting treasures to display. Go bold with artistic pieces that stand out.


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