Whitney Walker, a Texas-based founder of Farrington Lane, was tasked with renovating the kitchen in a Waco, Texas, home. The house was designed by Birch D. Easterwood, a local architect, and is now home to a family of young children. The designer says that the clients were passionate about the history and preservation of the house’s original character. “They brought photos of the place through the years and early 19th-century blueprints to us.

However, the job was not a copy/paste. Walker says that the original layout of the kitchen and dining room didn’t suit modern living. Walker also explained that the bathroom placement made the space less welcoming and cramped. Walker increased the home’s formality by creating a cohesive design highlighting some original architectural elements. For example, an old tile was replaced in the kitchen with period-inspired, reclaimed longleaf pin hardwood stained in a diamond design.

The decor is elegant and understated throughout, featuring rich shades of emerald on the backsplash, retro-inspired Big Chill products, and a collection of vintage art. Although the designer’s style influenced the kitchen’s major renovation, the client’s driving force behind its design was the actual clients. Walker says, “We drew on their personalities and what drew in them, including colors and the original architecture of their home and their passion for antique and vintage collecting.” The kitchen island is an antique wheel chest that can easily be moved closer to the sink or range.


Walker says that while we tried to preserve as much of the original design, Walker needed to move the bathroom to provide more privacy, add two new windows to let more light in and open up the space to allow for modern entertaining. The cabinets were painted Benjamin Moore Annapolis Grey, which she kept soft and refined. With Artistic Tile’s Tuxedo Park backsplash, and an antique serving plate from Chairish, the moments of color are here.

Walker says that we brought the port cochere arch’s curve to the interior by creating a cased opening that divides the living and kitchen rooms. To make it even more dramatic, she enveloped the angle in Stratton Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Dining Room

Walked says, “I love every detail, but the overall effect of the dining room is what I love most.” He also added that he loved the vintage furniture, including the pendants from 1stDibs and the table.


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