White interiors are a symbol of simplicity and cleanliness. They also evoke calm. White living room walls can be used as a blank canvas to create a space. Layer white furniture, plush textures, warm woods, and bold colors. White living room walls look fresh and modern and create an illusion of more space in small living spaces. We’ve collected our top white living room designs to inspire you in your next home redesign.

Your living area is where you relax and unwind after a hard day. A modern living area is what you want. This includes neutral colors like white and off-white, natural textures, and open layouts. A white living room does not have to be boring. You can create a boho, farmhouse, or eclectic look with the right accents.

Here’s a glimpse at the future: Use color contrast and statement lighting, and decorate your fireplace. We also included DIY-worthy ideas like painting your brick fireplace and adding a gallery wall. We’ve also consulted the top 2023 design trends (hint: plaid patterns, warm woods, and gold hardware). There’s sure to be a style you love!

Open Shelving

You can decorate white walls with vertical bookshelves, like interior designer Anastasia Casey did here. Display books, artwork, and other decorative items to add color to your walls.

Layer in Textures

This interior features a variety of soft textures, including a woven pouf, shag rug, throw pillows, and an overhead pendant.

Accent chairs make a statement.

A pair of black-and-white abstract armchairs dominate this all-white living area. Designer Mary Patton has added a black side table and lamp to complement the style.

Accentuate Warm Tones

Avoid true whites and opt for soft, warm shades. Designer Jessica Nelson uses warm colors such as light woods, cream whites, and gold accents.

Contrast with Color

Designer Jessica Risko Smith gives life to the otherwise neutral interior by adding a dark carpet, a brightly colored sideboard, and a deep-green sectional.

Embrace Boho Style

Plain white walls are best for those who love bright and fun home decor. You can add as many accents as you like to your space. Throw pillows, wall art, and rugs are all options.

Acrylic coffee tables are available.

Brighten up your living space with large windows and white furniture. A glass coffee table allows sunlight to pass through the acrylic. We love the subtle patterns Collected interiors use with throw pillows, wall art, and rugs.

Black accents are a great idea.

The classic black-and-white color combination is timeless. You can use both black and white paint on your walls. Or, you can stick with all-white walls and add dark decorative elements.

Make your mantel a focal point.

A white fireplace with white walls will brighten up your living space. Take a cue from Anastasia Casey, and place striking wall art above your mantel to make it a focal point.

Take into account unanticipated seating.

You can add a surprising element to your interior if you stick to white walls and neutral couches. You can instantly add texture to your interior with a few throw pillows.

Try to achieve a rustic style.

This sunny living room has a farmhouse vibe thanks to wood paneling, brick fireplaces, jute area rugs, and plaid accents.

Statement Lighting:

Lighting should be the focal point of your space, as interior designer Bethany Adams did with this tiered chandelier.

Take a look at a gallery wall.

A gallery wall can be used to enhance an otherwise white wall. Mary Patton uses this bright space to display sentimental photos in light wood frames.

Mix White with Warm Woods

Interior designer Emily Henderson has limited the number of finishes this room can have to create a calm and cohesive space. She uses beech wood and a light gray and white color scheme with black accents.

Stack Mirrors on the Mantel

This design features white walls, neutral furniture, and a plaster fireplace. The three gold mirrors are a conversation piece.

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